The hoist has a single line lifting capacity of 600lbs and a double line lifting capacity of 1,200lbs. It is equipped with a non-rotating cable to prevent loads from spinning while lifting and lowering objects, as well as an up limit switch to automatically stop the load when it reaches the top.

Beta Max said: “Its failsafe brakes ensure there will be no free-falling even in the event of power interruption.”

When the Gemini Plus is used in conjunction with Beta Max’s Scaff-Trac mounting option, it is attached to the scaffolding and hangs just under the horizontal members of a frame scaffold using saddles and pins.

The Scaff-Trac works with frame scaffolds using either 7 or 8ft cross braces, allowing the load to be rolled back into the scaffold for unloading. The Scaff-Trac allows a cantilever of 3.5ft. Unlimited system lengths are available using add-on 7ft Scaff-Trac extensions.

In addition to offering the hoist and the mounting option, Beta Max also offers an equipment basket in two different weight capacities.