The Scorpio Plus XL has a lifting capacity of 400lbs and can travel up to 160ft high, while the Scorpio Plus has a lifting capacity of 400lbs up to a height of 80ft. Each have a travel speed of up to 80 fpm (feet per minute), and are described by Beta Max as “the ideal replacement for ropes and pulleys because they offer a great alternative method for the lifting of general building materials.”

Beta Max Hoists contain a non-rotating cable to help prevent loads from spinning while lifting and lowering objects. To ensure safety, Beta Max’s Scorpio hoists are equipped with an upper limit switch that stops the hoist instantly when the load reaches the top.

In addition, the portable hoist is equipped with a sturdy electrical controller with an overloading sensing device to protect the motor from damage caused by overwork or poor power supply.

The Scorpio Plus and Plus XL is available for use in conjunction with Beta Max’s vertical post mounting option which, when lifting loads of 400lbs or less, is “the most flexible and versatile mounting system available,” according to Beta Max. The hoists can be easily attached to existing scaffolding and offer a 180 degree pivot feature for safe unloading at the desired level.

In addition to the hoist and mounting option, Beta Max also offers its dual control option. Designed to enhance flexibility, this option allows the hoist operator to control hoist movement whether at the hoist or in a remote location.