Barge Master develops motion compensation systems for the maritime industry. These systems compensate vessel motions, creating a platform that is not moving with respect to the stationary fixed world.

The systems primarily increase the safety and workability of offshore lifting operations and it results in a significant cost reduction for the client, which is so important for the offshore industry these days.

The Barge Master T40 system compensates the roll, pitch and heave motions of a marine knuckle boom crane. The system has a small footprint allowing any vessel to easily accommodate the motion compensated crane.

It also permits safe transfer of cargo or personnel, fully compensated up to a significant wave height of 3m. The Barge Master T40 has been sold to Royal Wagenborg for a ten-year NAM/Shell charter for maintaining gas platforms in the North Sea.

In its first year, the system brought significant cost reductions thanks to high workability and an increase of production.
"We are extremely honored to receive the Spotlight on New Technology award for our BM-T40 motion compensated knuckle boom crane. We are earnestly grateful for the recognition we have received by OTC’s Spotlight Award Committee for our work, and very proud to see our company name between the impressive list of other Award winners’, says Martijn Koppert, CEO of Barge Master.

"We would like to thank all members of the Spotlight Award Committee for granting us with such an important award."