London Gateway currently operates a fleet of 60 ASCs – none of which have been supplied by Konecranes.

Equipped with Konecranes’ automation technology, the first batch of eight new ASCs will be delivered by Q3 2023, with the remaining ten delivered by the first half of 2024, after the order was booked in April 2022. The integration work will involve replacement of the existing remote operating stations (ROSs) and installation of a new fleet management system with performance monitoring tools.

Mattias Karlsson, sales director, Port Solutions, Konecranes, said: “The new fleet of Konecranes ASCs will be equipped with Konecranes’ in-house automation technology across the board. This will include automated handling of road trucks. This is based on Konecranes’ routine calibration-free solution, which enables steady hit rates over time, reducing the number of exceptions that the remote operator must handle.

“The new fleet management system will be implemented for both the non-Konecranes and the Konecranes ASCs, harmonising remote operation across the ASC fleet.”

Located on the River Thames some 25km from central London, London Gateway is operated by DP World, and claims to be the UK’s fastest-growing deep-sea container terminal, with an ambitious growth plan for automated container handling at the core.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Konecranes group sales came to €3.2bn.


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