Arke position limit switch from TER

25 October 2018

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TER has launched the Arke position limit switch, designed to control the movement of overhead travelling cranes, hoists and complex machine tools, particularly in harsh operating conditions.

The switch, which is sold and serviced by TER’s official partner Elma Components, offers a mechanical life of 2m operations; positive opening NC contacts for safety functions; temperature resistance from -40 deg C to 80 deg C; aluminium rods with 6x8mm section and enclosure and head in thermoplastic material; two fixing holes; and IP protection guarantee, with Arke classified IP65, IP66, and IP67 with dedicated cable clamp M20.

Options include cross rods with four maintained positions every 90 degrees; cross or T rods with three maintained positions every 90 degrees; and single rod or rod with roller with 65-degree movements and spring return. Also on offer are two slow action switches with 1NC+1NC staggered contacts or two slow action switches with 1NO+1NC contacts, and three outputs for cable clamps to reduce installation time and to make wiring easier.