The PullzAll is a “powerful, portable, lightweight and easy to use tool with the ability to lift or pull up to 454kg/1,000lbs effortlessly,” Arbil said.


A strong motor and variable speed trigger lets the operator lift or pull heavy items with “smooth, precise movements, putting amazing levels of control at your fingertips,” it added. Forward and reverse modes are available at the flick of a switch.

“Whatever the job,” Arbil added, “the PullzAll will help get it done easier, faster, and with less manual labour, helping to save time and money.”

The tool is available in two versions. A corded 230V unit is available for use where there is access to a power supply, while, for ultimate flexibility, the 24V cordless version “enables you to take the power of the PullzAll with you wherever you need it.”

Both models feature:

– variable speed trigger

– forward/reverse switch

– electronic load limiter

– LED display

A short video produced by Warn, which outlines some of the capabilities and potential applications for the PullzAll can be viewed on the Arbil website (link below).

For further information, contact Arbil Ltd., tel: +44 (0)1384 424 007, email:, online: