APM Terminals ramps up testing of automated straddle carriers in Denmark.

7 September 2023

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Port operator APM Terminals has received two additional automated straddle carriers – nicknamed Blue Bots – from ZPMC as part of a first-of-its-kind pilot project in a real terminal environment at the yard in Aarhus, Denmark. Here they will join forces with the initial prototype, which was already introduced in the beginning of 2022.

“We are proud to be part of the development of these highly advanced GPS-operated automated straddle carriers. We have been testing the first straddle carrier in a small, enclosed area, which has provided valuable learnings and insights for the development of the next models. With the new ‘Blue Bots’, we are now ready to expand our test area to 65,000m2 in order to further analyse and optimise the technology to fit our operation and enhance safety,” said Mikael Gutman, Nordic managing director at APM Terminals.

The two high-performance automated straddle carriers are part of ZPMC’s groundbreaking automated straddle carrier programme and have been specifically built for APM Terminals Aarhus based on specifications and learnings from the yard.

The first Blue Bot has already been undergoing tests on new capabilities, such as navigation in the reefer area and picking and placing containers to and from a test quay crane lane, completing more than 6,000 lifts and navigating some 800km withing the testing area, where the automated straddle carriers do not interfere with daily operations.
The new straddle carriers can operate automatically at low temperatures, meeting the needs of terminal automation. They have been further optimised and equipped with hybrid diesel generators and a lithium battery to meet the demand for intelligent environmental protection while also securing convenient operation and maintenance.

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