Car manufacturer Toyota, a pioneer in lean manufacturing technologies, has reduced the time it takes to change dies by up to 30% at its Burnaston plant in the UK. Contributing to this are five new high specification Street cranes with sway control technology, used to make up to 15 die changes per shift.

Four of the cranes are in the press shop and one is in the plastics shop. All are double girder design, lifting up to 11.6m high and spanning bays 18.7m wide. Street heavy duty open barrel VX hoists, 35t SWL, are used for true vertical lift and placement.

Street Crane’s XY-Zero load system, based on the Innocrane Icras sway control system, ensure that the dies, which weigh up to 28t, can be transported down the workshop without the need for the operator to stabilise the load, enabling him/her to remain in a safe spot with a good view.