There is no better compliment than to hear it from one of the most respected people in the offshore industry. 

Richard Oldknow, consultant, Yoke Industrial Corporation was flattered when he heard overheard a discussion on how the industry can give back to the industry during #GLAD24 (GlobalLiftingAwarenessDay on July 18).

“I had a good look through your LEEA Accredited Rigging Handbook you left with me and have to say it is one of the best I have ever seen. It is very common sensible in its explanations and well-detailed in its examples. A great credit to those who prepared it, and helps to support the quality message about Yoke,” said Walter Service, business line manager, Altrad Sparrows

During #GLAD24, Oldknow said Yoke is increasing its training offering, to raise awareness of how people can enter the lifting sector, and to see such positive comments from a global player such as Altrad, and from such an advocate for safety will only do more to attract people with skills to the industry. 

#GLAD2024, it’s time to rethink your future and join the exciting and challenging lifting industry.