The customer tracked down Aicrane via a Google search, after which an Aicrane project consultant discussed the work conditions the crane would be subjected to and the customer’s material handling requirements. An AQ-LD type 10-ton single girder bridge crane was the solution.

Aicrane says this single beam model is suitable for a range of environments, encompassing manufacturing plants, warehouses, maintenance workshops, and other settings, to meet various lifting needs. The company describes it as a “cost-effective lifting solution… for general lifting applications”.

The AQ-LD style of crane offers a load capacity of between 1.0-25t and a lifting height of 6.0-30m, and spans from 7.5m to 31.5m. Lifting speeds range from 0.3-8m/ min, while the crane runs at 20m/min. Customised models are also available.

“Due to our professional crane solution and competitive price, our customer was satisfied with our solution and service and confirmed the order quickly,” says Aicrane.

The customer, meanwhile, also visited a different customer’s site in Kazakhstan in order to see one of the Chinese firm’s previous solutions in action, while the Aicrane project consultant as well an engineer visited the manufacturer to provide technical support and solve any problems with the installation.

“We got positive feedback from the customer about our overhead crane and service, and [they expressed an intention to cooperate further] with us for [their] new business in the near future,” says Aicrane.

Aicrane offers various overhead crane solutions. Its line-up encompasses a range of options, including but not limited to the single girder bridge crane, double girder bridge crane, top running bridge crane, underslung crane, magnetic crane, explosion-proof bridge crane, and foundry bridge crane.

Model names include the AQ-HD European single girder electric overhead travelling crane, which is designed in line with FEM standards, and AQ-LX single girder underhung crane, which is suspended from the ceiling or roof structure and is suitable for situations where the height of the workshop is insufficient or there is no column.

Aicrane is a subsidiary brand of Aimix Group Co., which exports construction machinery and equipment from China and was founded in 2010.