It sees cyber security and sustainability as one of the most important topics today and it wants to advance its technical recruiting process, to attract more people in the future, where it currently has 12 salespeople.

COO, Daniel Arwood tells Hoist what it is really like to work with your siblings in the family-owned company, set up by his grandfather Bud Arwood, and how the aerospace industry is really taking off.

“Outside of our customer portal we are always improving our cyber security. We see it as something important today, which has been in the news recently and given the fact we cross so many industries it is something that is hidden below the surface but is so critical. So for us that includes our ERP upgrades, website and mobile device upgrades. We still consider technology to be a force multiplier and hope to see the industry adopt those technologies and progress,” said Arwood.

In terms of greener initiatives, he added that Ace is an OEM manufacturer and a service provider, so how it handles waste from its services and manufacturing is constantly being adjusted to become more environmentally-friendly.

On current and future projects, Arwood said: “We are working with NASA on how to pick up a rocket ship in hundreds of ton capacities. Aerospace has been a toughly hit field but the 'space race' is a great place in which we have been working in, from everything from Blue Origin to ULA (the United Launch Alliance). It’s very exciting stuff.”