The series, available in capacities of 2, 3, 5 and 10 US tons (1.8t, 2.7t, 4.5t and 9.1t), is intended to compete in the price-sensitive market for European-designed non-load brake hoists, which sales and marketing manager Joe Gibbs estimates at between $20m and $30m per year.

The hoists come with 230V power supply. Although 2 US ton and 3 US ton models come in a 26ft (8m) lifting height, the 5 US ton model is also sold in short 15ft (4.5m) and long 35 (10.5m) lifting heights. All come with two-speed motors for all motions.

The company is stockpiling these hoists in volume, said sales and marketing manager Joe Gibbs.

Acco has become the exclusive dealer of Podem in the USA. Gibbs said he stands by the product from his new supplier. “We don’t hide it – mine’s yellow and theirs is blue,” Gibbs said. “They make a good hoist.”

Acco Heavy-Rated hoists above 10t capacity will continue to be supplied by Spanish manufacturer GH. Gibbs said that the Podem and GH lines have little cross-over.

Acco is part of the material handling manufacturing group FKI.