When Terex Benford moved its UK production of construction machinery to a new factory in Coventry, the empty shell had to be fitted out quickly to enable output to reach that of the previous factory within a week of going live. Within a tight timescale, 60 workstation jib cranes and 14 overhead travelling cranes were supplied and installed, ensuring that the production line process would never be slowed waiting for a crane to become available. Previous output numbers were achieved within five days on the first of the lines to be installed.

Crane supplier for the project was Abus, which produces 5,000 overhead cranes and 14,000 hoists a year. Despite tight deadlines, Abus provided Terex with ‘a showpiece installation’, it says, with service lines carried above the cranes to deliver electricity and compressed air. This ensures no trip hazards or floor digging requirements. This also makes the future re-positioning of cranes much more straightforward.