The company, based near Milan in Italy, was founded in 1969 by Vittorio Bonacina, as a manufacturer of accessories for overhead cranes and hoisting equipment. The company is now led by Vittorio’s daughter Ilaria Bonacina.

“Up until 2017 my mother, Maria Pia, also contributed to the evolution of By Carpel, working together with my father,” said Ilaria. “In all these years, the company has grown thanks to the great spirit of sacrifice and the solid values of my parents.

“Currently we export our products in over 80 countries around the world; foreign turnover has actually gone from 5% to 20%, but Italy continues to play an important role. Some of our clients manufacturing overhead cranes have been with us from the beginning; we have created a great relationship of trust also thanks to the guarantees of the just in time deliveries and the personalisation of our service based on client needs.”