5 minutes with…Kai Kallio, Kito Erikkila

6 May 2022

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Kito Erikkila recently announced it has launched the Prosystem portal crane, a user-friendly mobile workstation crane and this week the S140, a new profile size for its light crane solutions and a Distance Trolley.

The S140 profile is light but robust enough to support long suspension distances and relatively large-rated capacities. The features of the S140 profile are between its P125 and S200 profiles and is available for Prosystem monorails and Prosystem light cranes, with a maximum rated capacity (RC) of 1000 kg.  

Here, Hoist chats to Kai Kallio, commercial product manager, Kito Erikkila, based in Finland, who tells us more about the new Prosystem portal crane as well as the two launches this week.  



“The purpose of the Distance Trolley for the S-profile series is to separate two bridges on the same track to prevent collisions and to adjust possible suspension distances. The new distance trolley runs more stably within the profile and has rubber buffers to soften impacts. When looked at from below, the visibility has also been improved to make the crane user more aware of it. The distance trolley tubes are available in different lengths,” he says.

“The Portal crane is typically light-duty and best suited for maintenance work in areas where a stationary crane is not available or possible to install. They are lightweight and easy to operate, enabling smooth transfer of loads. The portal crane is modular and assembled from various standard components and can be configured for several purposes in multiple industries.”

The Prosystem portal crane features steel legs and an aluminium girder to combine robustness and lightness. Swivel casters to move easily and lock in place and four lifting capacities (125kg/ 250kg/500kg/1000kg).