‘5 minutes with…’ Vida Novak, president, Air Technical Industries

6 April 2021

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Air Technical Industries has developed a self-erecting gantry crane, with omni-directional mobility or x-y axis for indoor or outdoor use on flat surfaces to give the user flexibility of multitasking in unusual environments or circumstances.

The double or single girder gantry crane, has up to 20,000 lb. capacity, and is pre-assembled, tested, certified, and folded to fit into a 20’ ISO container for shipment and storage and with the simple push of a button transforms into a ready-to-use overhead crane, requiring no tools, skilled personnel, or auxiliary equipment in the set-up process. 

“It offers immediacy of use whenever you want it: It is not fixed to the floor or building columns. It does not need a runway. And, if you move or need it in a temporary or field location, you can take it with you,” said Novak. 

The pronto presto overhead crane is available in capacities of 4000, 6000, 10,000 and 20,000 lbs. with a span width limited only to the size of the container. If a 40′ ISO container is used, spans of 20′ to 38′ are available. It comes in under beam heights of 12, 14, 16 and 18 ft. The electrically powered hydraulic unit can be 110 volt AC single phase; larger capacities can be 240 – 480 volt AC 3-phase or 12V DC powered for use in remote locations where power is not available. The push button controls are 110 volt AC or 12 volt DC. Wireless controls are available. 

The crane mobility is provided on eight polyurethane swivel wheels with swivel locks and wheel brakes. Smaller units can be manually manipulated. Heavier units are self- propelled with power steering control. 

The base unit has a chain hoist with a manual trolley. A chain hoist usually requires more head room. Options for a wire rope hoist and motorized trolley are available. For example, if head room is limited, the wire rope hoist can nest between a double girder configuration, reducing the headroom by approx 12-18”, enabling low-profile overhead clearance and higher lift. 

“The foldable, self-erecting gantry crane is an ideal tool where heavy duty lifting, mobility, and expediency of prompt deployment are essential and critical,” added Novak.