What a treat

23 December 2020

A modern waste processing plant in Spain ordered cranes and hoists from compatriot manufacturer Jaso.

Spanish crane manufacturer Jaso has supplied nine cranes to the Gipuzkoa Environmental Complex, in Zubieta, northern Spain.

The complex comprises a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant, an energy recovery plant, a biomethane plant, and a slag treatment plant. It is set to process 135,000t of waste per year.

For the MBT plant, environmental management company Urbaser chose Jaso to supply nine cranes, one trolley, and two hoists. The equipment will assist with recovering recyclable materials still present in the remaining fraction, including paper, cardboard, plastic packaging, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

For the pre-treatment stage, Jaso installed two double-girder cranes with a load capacity of 12.5t and a span of 9.5m, working in tandem. Both cranes, which are located above the pit where lorries unload waste, are tasked with loading and unloading the material.

Once sorted, the cranes move the material back to the hoppers to start the biological treatment process.

For the next phase, Jaso supplied an 8t-capacity, 13m-span-capacity double-girder crane which uses a shoveller to handle slag resulting from incineration.

The other equipment supplied, used for maintenance, includes: a 3.2t single-girder crane with a span of 5m; a 5t single-girder crane with a span of 34m; two 20t double-girder cranes with a span of 15m; a 25t double-girder crane with a span of 18m; a 2t wall-mounted jib crane with a span of 7m; a 2t double-girder trolley; a 5t electric trolley hoist; and a 2t low-headroom hoist.