Weigh-Tronix aims its latest scale at steel works

5 December 1999

Flexibility, size and accuracy were top considerations in the design of the Salter Weigh-Tronix ED 2000 crane weigher, the manufacturer says.

Aimed at steel works and related industries, the battery-powered weigher can be fitted with shackles, hooks and pulleys or it can be built-in.

Salter claims comparatively low weight and compact dimensions, with a minimum headroom loss of 296mm, increasing to 833mm on the 50t model.

Made from aluminium alloy or stainless steel depending on model, protection is to IP66 and protrusions are kept to a minimum to prevent damage to the unit.

Battery life of the standard 9V PP3 is claimed to be up to 400 hours. Data can be supplied for audit or maintenance purposes and a hand-held remote display can be specified with 8m or 15m of cable.