Water works

9 October 2020

Finmotor OY supplied a Kito SHER2M electric chain hoist to lift water pumps during maintenance routine at a water treatment facility in Finland, built by Skanska.

During the regular maintenance schedule the huge water pumps have to be lifted in areas where available space above the pumps is limited. Finmotor OY was commissioned to install a Kito SHER2M electric chain hoist with low headroom mounted on a monorail directly above the water pumps.

For the lifting processes in this wastewater treatment plant, Finmotor OY chose a model with a load capacity of up to 2,000kg and a lifting height of 12m, while the electric chain hoist itself has a headroom of only 435mm.

With built-in features such as a frequency inverter for precise positioning and an electromagnetic brake, the chain hoist is designed to be able to handle maintenance tasks safely.

The compact design of the Kito SHER2M is possible because of the special chain guide. Kito also uses nickel-plated load chains as standard for all hoists, says the manufacturer, making the chains more corrosion resistant than conventional load chains, and particularly well-suited to use in water treatment plants.