Verlinde making tracks

13 November 2014

Verlinde hoists are playing a key role in the maintenance of train components in Spain.

Local manufacturer Grupo JPG is using a range of Verlinde hoists and components to equip the CISF (Centro Integral de Sistemas Ferroviarios), which is a new 20000sqm maintenance area for the company ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias).

ADIF is a Spanish state-owned company that works under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. It is charged with the management of most of Spain's railway infrastructure, that is the track, signaling and stations.

Verlinde cranes will be used to lift the train power and motorization equipment at the facility, which features a testing ground and a garage for final checks and maintenance of trains and is linked to the Centre of Railway Technology of ADIF.

The Verlinde technology at the Malagabased CISF centre comprises eight overhead cranes equipped with Eurobloc VT wire hoists as well as four under running single girders, two top running single girders, and two top running double girders.

These systems have a load capacity between 2 and 40 tonnes, a span from 4,5m to 12m, a height of 8 or 9 meters and a runway between 50 and 214 meters.

In addition, electrics hoist equipped with Eurochain VL10 from Verlinde have been installed by JPG, which have a load capacity of 2 tons and 8 meters of height of lift