Stahl training days offer stripping demonstration

5 December 1999

A series of training days at R.Stahl’s UK offices in October introduced customers to its ST 3200/5000 chain hoists. Quick disassembly and ease of maintenance was demonstrated.

In expert hands, the ST hoists take just four minutes to strip down to major parts, compared with four hours for standard hoists. The three main components – chain guide, clutch and brake – are designed to increase the hoist’s life expectancy. The clutch is on the third stage of the gearing, increasing lifespan threefold, it is claimed, and the brakes are designed to last for about six years of ‘normal’ usage, with up to 1.2 million stop/starts.

The ST hoists range from 160kg to 5,000kg safe working load.

The training events were also intended to promote Stahl’s standard products and help shed its image as a manufacturer that only specialises in explosion proof hoists. Stahl sold more than 1,000 hoists – including chain, wire rope and air models – in the UK in 1998.