Riggers introduces slimline 45t Tri Lifter

10 November 1998

Riggers Manufacturing Company has launched the TL100, a 45t (100,000lb) capacity version of its Tri Lifter.

The Tri Lifter is a 65t-capacity jack-lifting device which for some industrial applications may be a viable alternative to a traditional overhead travelling crane for moving heavy loads in confined spaces, though the slimline TL100 is being primarily marketed by the American manufacturer as an alternative to forklift trucks.

According to company president Dave Pokraka, the TL100 works like a crane, a forklift and a gantry. When used like a crane the boom has a reach of 7.5m high and 2.7m out. Standard features include electric-over-hydraulic controls and a computerised load management system that automatically levels the boom.

Pokraka said that the machine was “unique” because while it can lift 45t with all 10.2t of counterweight installed, it can also be fitted with 5.4t of counterweight to make it a legally transportable load in the USA and still lift 27t.

The TL100 is more compact than the original Tri Lifter, standing just 1.8m wide (as opposed to 2.1m), 4.6m long and has a turning radius of 7.5m.