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26 May 2011

Five new remote control products

Swedish remote control manufacturer Datek has released a new Windows interface that allows wireless communication between Windows PCs and radio remote control signal receivers.

A link is established between Windows software and the receiver using a Dynamic Link Library (.DLL) file developed by Datek.

Datek’s Windows interface allows CANopen, Profibus or other relay outputs to be used in the same wireless system as the interface, allowing customers with Windows programming knowledge the flexibility to configure data transmitted by the remote while still maintaining traditional functionality.

This means that using a suitable Datek remote control, operators can send load weights, logistics information and work report numbers to specific OEM software programs.

It also allows remotes to be interfaced with crane simulators so that trainees can use the actual remote they will eventually use on the job site to learn, rather than whatever system is on the simulator.

Although a PC can be used as stand-alone with this system for certain special functions, for complex functions such as crane operation this is not permitted as Windows software does not meet the relevant remote control safety standards

Unic Cranes (Europe)
UK-based Unic Cranes Europe has developed a new remote control featuring visual digital feedback for its range of mini spider cranes.

A monochrome graphical display featured on the Unic digital feedback remote communicates information such as the load weight and working radius as well as the crane’s lifting capacity and engine speed, which was previously only possible by reading from each crane’s engine cover.

Unic’s new remote works in partnership with Rayco-Wylie’s i3000 safe load indicator, which enables the operator to pre-configure limits for the crane’s maximum load moment, working area and slewing radius. Data logging and feedback features are also included.

To comply with new 2012 safety standards, Unic is also developing a system that works with Rayco-Wylie’s i3500 safe load indicator system.

The functionality of the new system will remain unchanged except for the addition of a full CANbus system with RS232 feedback and an event recorder.

The upgraded version of the Unic digital feedback remote system will be available later this year.

Hetronic’s first radio remote control to operate on the 2.4GHz frequency, the Ergo F, boasts much of the functionality of the previous handsets in the series.

Available in three standard configurations, the Ergo F retains the ergonomic single-handed operation friendly design, while including membrane switches available as single, dual or triple speed.

Using Hetronic’s new H-Link software, the Ergo-F can be programmed remotely, at a maximum distance of 20m, using a pocket PC.

Any pocket PC can use Hetronic’s H-Link modem to wirelessly access the Ergo-F’s settings and make changes to its configuration.

Hetronic says the new transmitter is reliable in the presence of a number of wireless networks, and suitable for in or outdoor use without the need to switch frequencies to avoid suffering disruption to functionality.

Cat 3 and PLd compliant, the remote also features a STOP function along with Memory Key technology that can lock out unauthorised users, remember configured settings and allows them to be stored in backup Memory Key Caps.

Telecrane Italia
Taiwanese remote control manufacturer Telecrane’s Italian subsidiary has recently unveiled two new remote control models for the European market.

After significant market share growth over a period of nearly a decade, Telecrane Italia director Marco Maturi believes the firm is shaping up to be the main competitor in the Italian remote control market to the biggest local manufacturers.

This year, Telecrane Italia has announced the release of the Silver Easy remote control, a lightweight remote weighing just 122g and featuring two single or doublestep single–speed buttons, suitable for several applications including mobile hydraulic cranes.

Powered using two AA size alkaline rechargeable longlife batteries the transmitter uses Windowsbased software which enables easy customisation.

Encased in a shockresistant housing rated IP65, the glassfibre transmitter is functional at up to 100m through use of an internal antenna.

The unit also features an automatic correction function to aid safe use in the event of ransmission errors.

For more complex applications the new Silver Hydro remote kit is also new to the European market this year.

Similar in specification and power requirements to the compact Silver Easy, the Silver Hydro transmitter instead features six doublestep two speed push buttons, extra housing on the ransmitter for better shockresistance properties and a shoulder strap.

The kit also includes a Bosch three bidirectional function electrohydraulic valve block to be fitted to the target application.

Also a significant presence in the industrial remotes market, Telecrane Italia expects to be releasing two new radio remote control products over the next two months compatible with industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

Tyro Remotes
Dutch manufacturer Tyro Remotes released the Musca and Sedna remote controls, along with it’s Aquarius model receiver, for hydraulic crane and axle steering applications last year.

This combination of equipment is suitable for remote control of flatbed trailers, truckmounted cranes, SPMTs, tower cranes and selferecting tower cranes.

Tyro’s Musca and Sedna remote controls are available with up to four buttons, for individual functions, along with the power button and optional category 3 EN 9541/ ISO 138491 compliant emergency stop function.

Antenna extension cables up to 5m in length are also available as optional extras for each model.

However, the strength of the Musca remote is it’s compact size, allowing it to be clipped onto a belt or fit into a pocket. The Sedna’s main design feature is the simple ergonomic layout, which is intended to make operation while wearing gloves much easier. Both remotes weigh just 133g, making them easier to transport onsite..

Capable of operating on multiple frequencies, the Musca and Sedna transmitters allow up to 54 remotes to be used with each Aquarius receiver.

One 9V battery with an average service life of four years powers either remote. Each unit is shockresistant, waterproof and IP65 rated.

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