Overcoming combustible smears

5 December 1999

Red Rooster’s new polyamide pneumatic pendant range overcomes the problem of leaving combustible alloy smears across oxidised work surfaces, the company claims.

Generally, in areas where combustible gases are present, such as offshore oil and gas installations, mines and sewers, it is not permitted to use equipment having enclosures containing alloys with a high magnesium content. When such materials are dragged across a corroded steel surface an invisible smear of the alloy may be left.

As magnesium is highly combustible, the impact caused by something being dropped, or even a steel cleated boot, can generate an intense spark from the smear.

Red Rooster’s P2000 pendant is designed for use in such hazardous conditions, as well as clean areas.

It is lightweight, compact and has a guarded grip, enabling it to be easily held and operated in one hand.

The unit has separate valve modules for the direction controls and emergency stop which can be replaced without the need for stripping and cleaning.

The P2000 pendant is manufactured in two and four station versions, each with emergency stops.

Red Rooster says that the large diameter (6mm) hoses make the pendants suitable for pilot operation of all makes of remote control spool valve used in the manufacture of pneumatic hoists and winches.

The units will be incorporated as standard on the full Red Rooster range of hoists and trolleys sold in the UK and Ireland.