Gate hoists, Pennsylvania, US

13 December 2006

The work will involve the accelerated fabrication, delivery and installation of two vertical lift dam gates. The gates will be welded structural steel fabrications weighing in excess of 100 US tons each.

The work will also include the repair and refurbishment of existing gate lifting machinery and controls and fabrication of new gate hoisting chains. The contract will include an awardable option for fabrication, delivery and installation of a third gate.

The period of performance will be 240 calendar days after the notice to proceed. The magnitude of the project is between $5 and $10million. Funds are not presently available for this acquisition.

No contract award will be made until appropriated funds are available. Deadline: January 4 2007.

Solicitation number: W911WN-07-R-0002.

Contact: Donna Metz, tel: +1 412 395 7468, email: [email protected]