Exhibiting at the show...

26 October 2012

Sumner Manufacturing
Sumner Manufacturing of Houston, Texas will be showcasing one of their latest product developments at this year's event, a lightweight, portable and easy-toassemble GH2T Gantry Lift, aimed at providing mechanical contractors with portable lifting.

The GH2T Gantry lift has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2t (4,400lbs) and is available in four sizes scaled in feet (8, 10, 12 and 15ft) and 3 sizes scaled in meters (3, 4 and 5m). The Sumner GH2T Gantry lift is made of two A-frames and a cross beam. Its A-frames lock in folded position using plunger pins and a removable 'quick action' locking pin. Each A-frame is equipped with 8-inch (200mm) lockable casters and weighs 113lbs (51kg) with casters.

A set screw on the trolley holds it in place during assembly. The trolley weighs approximately 15 lbs (6.8 kg). Cross beams come in seven sizes (8, 10, 12 and 15ft; 3, 4 and 5m) and feature two span adjustments on either end of 13in (33 cm) as well as nylon carrying handles.

The lifting handle is adjustable to allow height adjustments to be made in 6in (15 cm) increments. Minimum and maximum heights from ground to lifting eye are 83in (2.1m) and 113in (2.8 m) respectively. Maximum height to the top of the trolley is 113.5in (3.4 m). The maximum width of the A-frame when erected is 60.75in (1.54m) and its stored height is 100in (2.5 m).

The company explains that ease of transport is the prime driver of the GH2T Gantry Lift's design. "Sumner's GH2T Gantry lift introduces a lightweight aluminum Gantry lift into the marketplace that is much simpler to transport, assemble and adjust than comparable Gantry lifts," said Brendan Conway, national sales manager.

"The entire assembly is light enough to be erected by a two-man crew, something that the market has been demanding. The advanced design allows a pivoting feature where the beam with trolley is inserted into the receiver of each A-Frames then raised, ready for final bolting of the beam."

Lift Turn Move will be exhibiting Limpet fall prevention systems at the show following its partnership deal with Limpet Technologies. Having already received a good response over the products from the company's participation at the entertainment trade show PLASA in September the firm is confident of a good reception in Coventry. LTM's Limpet fall prevention, climb assist and personnel hoisting device has its origins in rock climbing, before it went on to be used in the energy sector during operations such as wind turbine maintenance. Limpet Technology CEO Stephen Cornwallis said: "Limpet combines fall prevention with 90 percent powered climb assist, which means that riggers climbing up and down ladders to stage gantries are going to be safer and healthier. "Limpet takes all of the risk and almost all the effort out of climbing long ladders, and its rescue capabilities mean that if there is an emergency, riggers can be evacuated from height quickly and safely."

LTM will also be showing its full range of LoadGuard chain hoists on its stand, commonly used in for touring and fixed installation applications in the entertainment industry. Also for the entertainment market, the company's new Entertainment Lifting Gear line of manual lifting and rigging products will be on show at the company's stand.

Checkmate Lifting
The newest additions to the Xcalibre range of fall-arrest products will be on Checkmate Lifting's stand at this year's LiftEx. The company has already made a number of models available for pre-order ahead of the event. Managing director Oliver Auston said, "After many months of design, engineering of the prototype and constant honing of the product we are really delighted to offer to our customers the latest incarnations of the Xcalibre fall arrest block."

The company says characteristics that epitomise the new range of height safety equipment are the products' sturdiness and light weight.

Checkmate Lifting's FEBX2R retrieval unit features a modular design allowing it to be adapted for use in a variety of scenarios. The FEBX2R can be used for raising personnel up to 18m using the engageable retrieval gear, all with the independent friction brakes still active in fall arrest mode.

Specifically designed for the offshore wind energy market, Checkmate's FABXOS system features a 5mm Dyneema fibre rope instead of wire rope on a glass-filled nylon rope drum. Its brake module is sealed to the elements while hard-wearing components are used for the rest of the fall arrest system including stainless steel fixings and a hardened alloy anodized pawl plate. The powder-coated chassis also has a transparent casing to simplify inspections.

Checkmate lifting will also be exhibiting the ATOM-X fall arrest block, which at 700g the company claims is the lightest, most compact of its kind in the world. The block, featuring a load indicator and swivel eye top anchor, is designed for use as a lanyard replacement.

Demonstration of Checkmate Lifting’s fall arrest systems
Safety Lifting’s stand last year
The Van Beest stand at last year’s Liftex in Leeds.