Clamp range extends to turning, fixing and horizontal lifting

5 December 1999

Inter Product has extended its range of lifting clamps to include a device for lifting beams and plates in the horizontal position. The IPBC clamps can also be used for rotating I beams.

Two versions are available, with working load limits of 1t and 2t. The manufacturer claims that a key feature is the use of pre-tensioning to ensure that the clamp remains tightly on the material being lifted even after the load has been set down and the strain removed. This also makes it suitable for lifting thin sheets which deflect when being lifted, it is suggested.

The company has also produced a new range of IPTKW girder clamps, suitable as a temporary fixing point for load lifting. Clamps with a working load limit of 3t or more can also be used as a fixing point for fall arrest equipment. A variation, designated IPTK, has a hoisting eye for lifting steel beams or for pulling. A version for offshore applications, the IPTKO, is available on request.

Inter Product, based in the Netherlands, has a range of more than 600 lifting clamps and has recently secured ISO-9001 certification.