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Second wind 05 May, 2022 According to the World Economic Forum, The Netherlands is the European leader in infrastructure with innovative and sustainable practices making expansion in this part of the World a smart choice. The Dutch also have the highest-ranking seaports in the EU in terms of efficiency. Jenny Eagle reports. > read more

In the driver’s seat 05 May, 2022 Safety and productivity are powering the overhead crane control market. Lucy Perry investigates.

Fuel for debate 05 May, 2022 The world’s energy supply faces crisis. Climate change, and the war in Ukraine, are forcing a re-think of future supply. New sources will need new lifting gear. Julian Champkin reports.

Munck and Dematek supply 4 OTC to ESS 05 May, 2022 ESS neutron facility brings the expertise of 13 European countries together to enhance research and innovation. Jenny Eagle reports.

Too Hot to Handle 05 May, 2022 Morgan Automation partners with Siemens to install its motion control and material handling product and software suites for three cranes transferring hot coils at a US Steel Mill

LIFTING IN CHAINS 01 April, 2022 Chain hoists are deceptively simple. Julian Champkin reports on improvements and new introductions.

MAKING WAVES 01 April, 2022 As William Hackett sees continued success with its Quad Pawl technology and 3t EnerMech launches a $20m Guyana Training Centre of Excellence with Orinduik Development and Windsor Technologies, Jenny Eagle looks at the latest news to come from the subsea and offshore sector.

RULE BRITANNIA 01 April, 2022 Face to face meetings are beginning to take hold once again and LEEA has announced the return of its in-person event LiftEx, Jenny Eagle finds out what’s been happening across the UK.

MADE IN GERMANY 01 April, 2022 With Hannover Messe 2022 and LogiMAT fast approaching, Hoist looks at the latest developments in Germany.

DRIVING CHANGE 01 April, 2022 Heripret has won repeat business after installing a 40 ton overhead crane at a metallurgy company looking to lift and turn a 35 ton mould used for stamping parts for the automotive industry.

Fit-for-purpose 09 March, 2022 From a single and double-girder gantry crane to a semi-Goliath and the ‘Tears of Malmo’ – Julian Champkin discovers there’s a lot of benefits to using overhead gantries.

Get this show on the road 09 March, 2022 Modex is back after a pandemic hiatus, with the tradeshow happening in-person this year for the first time since 2020. Mike Straus highlights some of the events, exhibitors, and speakers that have attendees excited – and the new industry developments that will undoubtedly generate conversations in Atlanta this March.

Dawn of a new age 09 March, 2022 With the increase in the size of container ships worldwide, the push for automation across North America’s ports is gaining momentum. Tom Peters investigates.

The final countdown 09 March, 2022 11 Members of the European Parliament visit ITER to learn more about magnetic confinement fusion and its potential as a source of clean energy

Girl Power 04 March, 2022 Thanks to an overwhelming response to our International Women’s Day feature in Hoist last year, we have chosen to celebrate those working in the industry again to honour this special event.

Holding up nicely 10 February, 2022 Lifting attachment companies are expanding, RFID tags are in demand, LOLER certification is becoming more prevalent and winches with electronic sensors are the norm. Jenny Eagle investigates.

To boldly lift 10 February, 2022 Aerospace is one of the most technically advanced sectors in the lifting industry. It requires absolute precision when handling components, and absolute assurance that the load will not fall. Julian Champkin looks at some of the solutions, on earth and beyond the atmosphere.

Centre of attention 10 February, 2022 As we await the delayed LogiMAT exhibition at the end of May, Julian Champkin surveys some Central European manufacturers and their products.

Ain’t no mountain high enough 10 February, 2022 Hubert Schmid, part of Stahl CraneSystems, partners with Nebelhornbahn on its €55m renovation in the Alps.

Driving change 12 January, 2022 From start-up Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle to Dodge announcing it will launch the ‘World’s first battery electric muscle car’ in 2024, Jenny Eagle looks at changes in the automotive industry, noting how a global semiconductor shortage has affected sales

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