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Efficiency you can trust 09 May, 2024 Germany’s economic policy is a stumbling block, especially in international competition. Companies in Germany are slowed down by high regulations and tough approval procedures but that’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom as we feature manufacturers that are thriving. > read more

One extreme to the other 09 May, 2024 Even where standards reference temperature ranges, it is always important to make sure a product can operate in the environment required, especially where extremes exist.

On the same terms? 09 May, 2024 Bernie Winter, of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) Technical Services, explains the term Working Load Limit and answers a frequently asked lifting capacity terminology question.

Digital Future-Proof 09 May, 2024 Hoist was excited to attend LogiMAT, a tradeshow for Intralogistics Solutions & Process Management, in Stuttgart, Germany, recently to see what new technologies have come onto the market.

All aboard! 19 April, 2024 We round up the latest news from exhibitors’ attending TOC Europe 2024 (June 11-13), 2024 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This year’s event brings together Shippers, Carriers, 3PLs and C-level attendees from Ports & Terminals who will attend the Container Supply Chain conference under the theme: Shipping’s seismic shift: Dealing with the supply chain fallout.

5G Marina network pilot 19 April, 2024 5G Open Innovation Lab, Washington Maritime Blue, and the City of Tacoma have launched a 5G Network at Tacoma Tideflats, allowing five enterprises to modernize their operations including support for port infrastructure, freight movement, supply chains, and manufacturing.

All under remote control 19 April, 2024 Tony Rock rounds up the news from the offshore and subsea sectors, including reporting on a new alliance for remote offshore operations.

Out of Africa 19 April, 2024 The lifting industry, and the lifting challenges, are as varied in Africa as anywhere else. Julian Champkin reports.

Look, no holes... 19 April, 2024 Flat plates seem to offer no easy attachment points for a hook. But there is a myriad of below-the-hook devices that can lift them. Julian Champkin reports.

Improving power quality in cranes 19 April, 2024 In manufacturing, improving crane power quality can increase uptime and ensure productivity, explains Andy Swann, business development manager for cranes and power transmission at power quality specialist CP Automation.

Elevating safety standards 19 April, 2024 Nick Warrick, sales manager at All Seasons Uniforms, discusses the critical role played by protective gear in overhead crane operations.

Future global scenarios 19 April, 2024 The port of Rotterdam will once again take centre stage for this year’s Breakbulk Europe 2024 taking place on May 21-23, at Rotterdam Ahoy. We take a look at how companies are adapting to a changing climate and increasing supply chain disruptions.

Pipe picks 19 April, 2024 The problems with pipe handling can be overcome by using tea cups and the variety of other below-the-hook solutions specifically designed for tubular loads, writes Darrin Noe, director of sales at The Caldwell Group Inc

Safety is written in the scheme 19 April, 2024 Bernie Winter of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association’s Technical Services takes a broader look at guidance on written schemes.

Stack ’em up 19 April, 2024 A Turkish steel yard has welcomed a new gantry crane solution for stacking steel slabs.

CSR: Kito Crosby’s responsible business 29 March, 2024 Myra Pinkham speaks to the US-based CEO of Kito Crosby about the efforts the firm is making in the area of corporate social responsibility.

Gantry cranes: The factory start-up 28 March, 2024 GH has unveiled an initiative to streamline the company’s collaboration with start-ups, as Julian Champkin reports.

Gantry cranes: Terminal delivery 20 March, 2024 Julian Champkin reports on gantry crane solutions operating at an intermodal terminal in the US and a Brazilian port.

Spreader beams and lifting beams: Take the weight off 11 March, 2024 While spreader beams and lifting beams are the most popular below-the-hook lifting devices, there is still confusion concerning the differences between the two, in terms of how they’re designed and what they’re used for. Jenny Eagle reports.

Modex 2024: Making connections 06 March, 2024 Modex 2024 will deliver the latest knowledge, networking and technology for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. Jenny Eagle takes a look at some of the crane companies exhibiting this year as well some material handling businesses.

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