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That’s entertainment! 09 September, 2022 The entertainment industry is up and running again after the darkness and closures of the pandemic. But stage riggers are now in short supply. Julian Champkin reports. > read more

Back to business 09 September, 2022 Breakbulk Americas, which focuses on the project cargo and breakbulk industry, is returning to Houston this month. Jenny Eagle highlights a number of companies exhibiting at the show and looks at their latest news.

Meaningful discussions 09 September, 2022 Despite efforts from President Biden to establish a Presidential Emergency Board, the National Retail Federation and its members are still concerned about supply chain disruptions as well as rising fuel prices and workforce shortages. Jenny Eagle investigates.

In the frame 09 September, 2022 Demag installs a modular crane system for a coating facility for a door panel manufacturer in Germany

Deconstructing nuclear 04 August, 2022 Nuclear power installations take decades to build and decades to dismantle. Julian Champkin looks at their lifting needs.

German global expansion 04 August, 2022 As the German government tackles the ratification process for an EU free trade agreement with Canada (CETA) and the Report on Vocational Training 2022, we look at the contract wins accelerating global expansion.

Lifting loves a vacuum 04 August, 2022 Vacuums can lift small paper packages and large concrete slabs. Julian Champkin reports

Upgrading an obsolete, unreliable crane system 04 August, 2022 MH Automation International partners with crane parts supplier CP Automation to upgrade the crane control equipment of an overhead travelling crane operating at a South Wales steelworks

Getting connected 01 July, 2022 There is enormous potential in machine and personal-related data, however, the industry still needs to take further steps towards IoT and digitalisation, preparing for the new digital and interconnected working environment. Jenny Eagle reports.

Mining the future 01 July, 2022 A lower carbon world needs more copper. Also more nickel, more aluminium, more lithium, more cobalt, more rare earths ... and therefore more mining. Julian Champkin reports on the mine lifting industry’s response to the carbon-zero imperative.

Asia business review 01 July, 2022 Over the upcoming years, APAC countries are forecasted to offer major opportunities for crane operators, particularly with the construction sector in Indonesia expected to record over 7.2% growth in 2022 surpassing pre-pandemic output levels, according to GlobalData. Jenny Eagle takes a look at the latest news in this region.

Fly like the wind 01 July, 2022 JASO Industrial Cranes takes part in an ambitious project to double the size of Siemens Gamesa’s factory thanks to the rapid development of the offshore wind industry

Tick, tock, time for TOC 08 June, 2022 TOC Europe 2022 is opening its doors from June 14-16, in Rotterdam. Here to celebrate, Hoist takes a look at some of the global port and cargo supply chain professionals who will be exhibiting, taking a look at their recent activities. Jenny Eagle reports.

Electrifying ports performance 08 June, 2022 Electrification and digital automation are going hand-in-hand. Julian champkin reports on ports’ progress.

Hang in there 08 June, 2022 Load security; ensuring that the load stays on the hook and does not fall off, is somewhat basic to all lifting operations – but none-the-less can call for ingenuity, high technology and specialised devices both large and small. Julian Champkin reports.

Rocket science 08 June, 2022 The United Launch Alliance (ULA) uses a four-point lifting sling, the ‘Handling Fixture Hoist Tool’, to raise the Starliner spacecraft in preparation for OFT-2.

Second wind 05 May, 2022 According to the World Economic Forum, The Netherlands is the European leader in infrastructure with innovative and sustainable practices making expansion in this part of the World a smart choice. The Dutch also have the highest-ranking seaports in the EU in terms of efficiency. Jenny Eagle reports.

In the driver’s seat 05 May, 2022 Safety and productivity are powering the overhead crane control market. Lucy Perry investigates.

Fuel for debate 05 May, 2022 The world’s energy supply faces crisis. Climate change, and the war in Ukraine, are forcing a re-think of future supply. New sources will need new lifting gear. Julian Champkin reports.

Munck and Dematek supply 4 OTC to ESS 05 May, 2022 ESS neutron facility brings the expertise of 13 European countries together to enhance research and innovation. Jenny Eagle reports.

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