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Kito Crosby CEO interview: How we combined two businesses 03 November, 2023 Kito Crosby’s CEO provides insight into the deal that brought two lifting brands together. > read more

Overhead cranes and Italy's northern powerhouse 02 November, 2023 Northern Italy has produced some of the world’s finest engineering and continues to do so. Julian Champkin reports.

Metal industry report: Overhead cranes in the Middle East, Europe and the US 01 November, 2023 Julian Champkin reports on sites in the Middle East, the US and Europe where cranes are being employed by the metal industry.

Lever hoist insight: Automatic locking 31 October, 2023 Jenny Eagle reports... The Kito LB-SL is a modified version of Kito’s standard Kito LB series lever hoists that provides additional safety through a safety locking module. Kito adds that existing LB hoists can be upgraded, so LB hoist owners do not have to buy an entire new hoist to get the modification.

Liftex in Liverpool 30 October, 2023 If your role requires you to operate lifting equipment in any sector you can’t afford to miss the LiftEx show. Here, we highlight the latest news from several exhibitors.

Advanced tech improves port safety 24 October, 2023 Advanced technologies are improving port safety. Jenny Eagle reports on the latest developments.

Dockside report on port congestion: Open seas 24 October, 2023 Jenny Eagle takes a look at how organisations are easing congestion in port settings.

Dockside European regional report: Fully charged 20 October, 2023 From Kalmar’s Charge Family to a solar electricity project at Ports of Stockholm, we bring you the latest news from European-based businesses.

TOC Americas: Back to Panama 10 October, 2023 After six years, TOC Americas returns to the Panama Convention Centre from 17-19 October 2023, connecting the global port and container supply chain across this region. Here we highlight some of the exhibitors attending and their latest news.

Entertainment hoist Q&A 28 September, 2023 We speak to Nick Fleming, business development specialist at Columbus McKinnon, and Erich Widmer, sales and marketing manager at GIS, about every aspect of entertainment hoists.

Overhead crane regional report: Canada can do 26 September, 2023 Canada’s only neighbour is the United States and too often it is neglected in comparison. But its lifting industry can hold its own against and even penetrate into US markets. Julian Champkin reports.

Overhead cranes: The state of play in Asia 14 September, 2023 Julian Champkin reports on the factors affecting the nations in Asia’s lifting market.

The Lowdown on Load sway 12 September, 2023 Anti-sway technology was revolutionary when it was first introduced – but back then it did not actually work very well. Today’s systems, in contrast, offer safety and economy, and allow even a non-specialist to operate a crane. Julian Champkin reports.

The impact of economic trends on ports 31 August, 2023 Ports are directly impacted by world financial economies. International economic downturns can cause significant delays in imports and exports. On the other hand, increasing trade demands can lead to expansions in infrastructure. Ports are also impacted by federal, state and local budgets impacting port efficiency and traffic flow. Jenny Eagle investigates.

Dockside environmental developments in the US 23 August, 2023 We round-up the latest environmental developments at US ports.

Rock and ore: Mining's specialist lifting equipment 09 August, 2023 Mining is a specialised business that requires specialised lifting equipment. Julian Champkin reports.

Overhead crane technology: The Industry 4.0 Interview 07 August, 2023 Oscar Fillol, CEO at automatic lifting solutions provider Elebia, and Siemens’ Roland Najbar, business development manager for the crane industry, discuss Industry 4.0 and explain what their companies are doing to facilitate it.

US steel mill installs fully automated cranes system 03 August, 2023 A US steel mill has seen its fully automated cranes system improve its operational efficiency.

Why overhead crane companies should adopt Industry 4.0 24 July, 2023 As Tony Rock reports, the benefits of Industry 4.0 are still being discussed more than ten years after the idea of a Fourth Industrial Revolution was introduced.

Container terminals and the age of automation 11 July, 2023 Faced with larger vessels and greater volumes, container terminals are racing to automate. Julian Champkin reports.

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