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Product report: Lifting point safety and security 01 February, 2023 Keeping a load securely attached to a lifting rope is not always straightforward. Julian Champkin reports. > read more

Automotive lifting: A turn for the better 30 January, 2023 Two truck manufacturers in the US have chosen a Caldwell product to meet their lifting needs, writes Tony Rock.

Cranes at the heart of Honda's wind tunnel test facility 25 January, 2023 Honda’s world-leading wind tunnel test facility has cranes in the operation’s engine room.

Crane automation in the automotive industry Q&A 25 January, 2023 Juergen Gieske, vice president of crane sales – region Americas at Konecranes, speaks to Hoist Magazine about the development of automated cranes on vehicle production lines.

Middle East region report: Prospects and challenges 17 January, 2023 Two crane companies that do business in the Middle East give their views on the region’s prospects and challenges, and discuss the projects they have been a part of. Tony Rock reports.

Portable lifting devices: From gantry cranes to manual chain hoists 15 December, 2022 Portable hoists and gantries are found down mines, in field operations and in repair and manufacturing operations small and large. The range of devices that can be described as ‘portable’ is huge. Julian Champkin reports.

How overhead crane firms set themselves apart in Australia and New Zealand 15 December, 2022 In a competitive marketplace, Tony Rock looks at how firms in Australia and New Zealand can, and are, setting themselves apart from their rivals.

A good look at lifting attachments 15 December, 2022 Not all loads need a hook. Indeed most loads lack an obvious lifting point, making a hook all but useless. Specialised attachments are the answer. Julian Champkin considers their almost infinite variety.

Offshore lifting: Strong winds, heavier lifts 21 November, 2022 The newest developments in offshore lifting nowadays are in the wind energy field. As turbines get heavier, blades get longer and towers get higher, demands on lifting technology increase. Julian Champkin reports.

The importance of process cranes 21 November, 2022 Process cranes combine automated technology with overhead cranes to handle heavy duty loads and streamline working procedures. The two largest end-user sectors are metal and mining followed by manufacturing, automotive, and the utility sectors. Jenny Eagle investigates.

Italy report: Dismantling cranes and building partnerships 21 November, 2022 As The Italian Sea Group says goodbye to its historic 46m high gantry crane in Marina Di Carrara, to make way for the future development of the shipyard, Jenny Eagle looks at other news happening across Italy.

How to be safe when using hoists 31 October, 2022 Hoists and hoisting operations have become safer over the years, but accidents still happen and sometimes they can be very serious indeed. Julian Champkin reports.

The cranes lightening the load in the metal production industry 31 October, 2022 Metal production is a core industry and a hard one: temperatures are extreme, loads are heavy and hot or else difficult and hard to handle. Julian Champkin reports.

Raising productivity 31 October, 2022 LiftEx 2022 is back, hosted by LEEA in Aberdeen, October 5-6, 2022. Now in its 17th year, the event will feature 100 exhibitors, over two days, as well as the LEEA Awards and now the biggest ever Lifting Industry careers event.

A royal honour 31 October, 2022 Van Beest Group is celebrating after being awarded a Royal title to coincide with the company’s 100th anniversary.

Plugging the regularity gaps 31 October, 2022 Hoist is delighted to announce the first of a series of guest columns with LEEA to answer your most pressing technical questions each month.

Hydro power 31 October, 2022 NYPA to replace ‘Big Red’ gantry crane at Niagara Power Project


That’s entertainment! 09 September, 2022 The entertainment industry is up and running again after the darkness and closures of the pandemic. But stage riggers are now in short supply. Julian Champkin reports.

Back to business 09 September, 2022 Breakbulk Americas, which focuses on the project cargo and breakbulk industry, is returning to Houston this month. Jenny Eagle highlights a number of companies exhibiting at the show and looks at their latest news.

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