The decision has led to the appointment of a sales manager focused on the company’s fibre rope offering, while Hendrik Veder’s Dutch operation will provide additional support and training at the company’s UK sites in Aberdeen and Sheffield.

The increased focus on fibre rope solutions will further enable Hendrik Veder, which also supplies lifting and rigging gear, to help in assisting customers in reducing their carbon footprint, due to its offering including mooring ropes that have been recycled from previous ropes and slings, for example.

Recently, the Aberdeen branch completed a successful trial for a circular rope project in collaboration with a global leader in the energy industry that saw the group utilise its partner network to inspect, collect and process used slings, recycling them into raw materials and saving operators the cost of logistics and incineration.

Discussing the new offering and how it will impact sustainability goals, managing director, Bertwin Zonneveld, said: “Our global team has always taken great pride in our focus on sustainability, so the offering of our fibre rope solutions only strengthens these goals further.

“As we expand on the potential of what we can offer our clients, our drive for diversification has been characterised by the completion of a recent circular rope trial with great feedback coming from the client so far. We are incredibly proud not just of this project, but of what is still to come as we continue to take the lead in the industry. We’re confident that our strong financial return in Q1 and our recent appointments will allow us to build for an exciting remainder of 2023.”

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