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Stamperia Carcano Giuseppe spa is a metalworking company whose main production process is the hot forging since 1960. Stamperia Carcano has always turned its production to different sectors and, thanks to constant investments, it has reached high standard quality and reliability allowing it to acquire a leading position on the market. Since 1995 it has also achieved the ISO 9001 certification of its own quality system, which is today already adapted and certified in compliance to the new edition Vision 2000 of this norm. Stamperia Carcano has always been present in the sector of accessories for cables and chains for hardware market lines. In 1997 it has achieved the homologation of the Germanagency "Pruef-und Zertifizierungsstelle im BG_PRUFZERT PZNM" with the accreditation of the "H92" mark for the production of 80/100-degree accessories in compliance with the reference norms EN 818 and EN 1677. In 2003 Stamperia Carcano introduced its brand "CARTEC" Gr80 for lifting, in 2005 developed second step of brand "CARTEC" gr100. In 2008 evolves in hoisting ring sector, in 2010 to lift live accessories in conformity with machine directive 2006/42/EC. Stamperia Carcano approached with satisfaction EU, USA, mniddle east, Chinese, Japanese, South American markets, and the history is going on.

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Stamperia Carcano Giuseppe S.P.A
Via per Alzate 31
Albese Con Cassano
Company Tel: +39 031429611
Company Fax: +39 031428633
Company Email: export@carcano.it
Company Website: www.carcano.it

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URL: www.carcano.it

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