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Gigasense AB is previously known as PIAB Sweden AB. Since more than 60 years, we develop, produce and market PIAB high quality products for force measurement, overload protection and anti-collision in hoisting, bulk transport and line construction. Our overload protection/load limitation and anti-collision systems are mainly designed for cranes and lifting equipment in industry and container harbours. We are certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2008. Our products are CE-marked and meet the requirements of AFS 2006:6. We deliver worldwide to satisfied customers who especially value our products' accuracy in measurement, robust design and long life time in rough environments. We provide safety solutions specially designed for your specific applications. Many Steelwork and container cranes are equipped with our products to protect people and equipment. Examples are: GIGASENSE anti-collision system is based on microwave technology which makes it robust and reliable in tough industrial environment. It is straight forward to install, maintenance free and self diagnostic. The PIAB Crane safety monitor records operation of the hoist and was designed for cranes in higher operating classes. PIAB CSM8:600 is compatible with security category 3 according to EN 954-1, I.e. redundant surveillance. Call us to get to know our expertise!

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Gigasense AB (formerly PIAB Sweden AB)
Stationsvagen 16
Company Tel: +46 (0) 8540 83900
Company Fax: +46 (0) 8540 21364
Company Email: info@gigasense.se
Company Website: www.gigasense.se

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URL: www.gigasense.se

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