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Crosby Group….. A World Leading Manufacturer, Designer and Distributor of a comprehensive range of fittings for use with wire rope, chain and webbing for the lifting of 1/3t till 6000t. Manufacturing to ISO9001 procedures. Products are in compliance with International standards like DnV 2.7-1, GOST-approval, ABS, EN-standards and other international standards. Trainingon the use, maintenance and inspection of our products in the field with interactive DVD, CD's and Ipad's are available. Over 3,000+ professional distributors and a highly trained Technical Team are constantly at our partners disposal. Our brands: Crosby, McKissick, Lebus, National, Western, Bullard, CrosbyIP, Crosby-ClampCo, Kuplex, Trawlex.

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Crosby Europe NV
Industriepark Zone B 26
Company Tel: +32 (0)15 75 71 25
Company Fax: +32 (0)15 75 37 64
Company Email: sales@crosbyeurope.com
Company Website: www.thecrosbygroup.com

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URL: www.thecrosbygroup.com

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