Misia Paranchi have been manufacturing hoists for 30 years from factories in Italy. Now more than 50,000 wire rope hoists are safely operating worldwide. With a solid construction and high quality planetary gear reducers Misia hoists can claim to be amoungst the strongest machines with a good reputation for performance, endurance and competitive prices. All self-braking lift motors pass quality control inspection with both cylindrical and conical versions guaranteeing high performance for intensive use. The “XM” series hoists lift 1 to 50 tons with hook height up to 96mt Misia hoists are equipped with dynamometric pin overload devices and match prescribed industry requirements. Misia’s hoist and trolleys can be equipped with variable frequency drive and a precise control panel, whose fully European components ensure safe installation and high reliability. Misia’s flexible range of both trolley and hoists can provide various layouts to suit the customers requirements. With an experienced team at Misia we can also support you for extended projects such as “crane kits”, that may include end-carriages, festoons and bus-bas feeding lines.