Versatile expands its partnership with The Crosby Group

21 March 2022

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Versatile, a construction technology company using artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) to optimize construction processes, has expanded its partnership with The Crosby Group (Crosby).

Versatile will occupy manufacturing space at Crosby’s facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to produce its CraneView system, an AI-powered, below-the-hook device used to capture critical data points across a construction site.

The partnership between Versatile and Crosby began in 2020 with the integration of CraneView and Crosby Straightpoint’s load monitoring technology and rigging hardware. The solution paired Crosby’s rigging and lifting solutions with Versatile’s smart site technology.

“Amid construction’s growing need for data-driven technology, our strengthened partnership with Crosby is a milestone for the industry and its innovators throughout North America,” said Meirav Oren, CEO and co-founder of Versatile. “This allows us to invest more in the industry and our partners and move faster on projects already in progress with increased availability to empower builders and shape the future of construction.”

Versatile’s new space streamlines production to meet rising customer demand for CraneView. Both companies have a shared goal to enhance safety and reliability at job sites everywhere. The arrangement enables Versatile to deliver its solutions to the industry faster than ever and provides an even stronger foundation for future engineering collaboration.

“Technology plays an increasingly important role in the industrial and construction landscape. Our strategic focus in technology solutions continues our tradition of working with our channel partners, end users, and strategic partners to bring industry-leading solutions to more job sites.,” said Robert Desel, CEO, The Crosby Group.

“Our partnership with Versatile is a critical part of this strategy and we are thrilled to welcome the Versatile team to our facility and bolster our partnership.”

As Versatile continues to grow, Oren foresees an opportunity for high tech job creation in Tulsa. The company has already hired to meet its immediate manufacturing needs and intends to continue increasing its headcount as its footprint expands.

Following its initial partnership with Crosby, Versatile raised $100m in funding over the past year and announced enterprise partnerships with North American general contractors.