Tideworks launches streamlined terminal management solution

4 May 2023

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Tideworks has launched the Intermodal Pro (IPRO) Core terminal operating system (TOS), a simplified, subscription-based version of the company’s IPRO TOS for intermodal terminals.

The offering is designed for terminal operators looking to improve their rail planning capabilities, but who operate smaller, standalone and inland terminals and depots that cannot afford the costs or implementation downtime associated with large-scale or highly customised TOS deployments.

It offers core functionality for managing terminal operations, including a move execution system; inventory tracking capabilities; simplified workflows for creating and sending work orders to equipment dispatchers; faster ramping and deramping; streamlined electronic data interchanges (EDIs) with stakeholders, such as beneficial cargo owners (BCOs);and  web-based gate management for controlling inbound and outbound traffic.

Tideworks says it created IPRO Core to meet the growing needs of standalone intermodal operators, many of whom are establishing new inland facilities to help move containers out of congested ports.

“These terminals don’t typically need solutions with complex third-party integrations; instead, their primary need remains centralising existing systems and tools to improve management capabilities and insight,” the company said. “By adopting [both] IPRO Core and Traffic Control, standalone and inland intermodal operators access Tideworks’ same best-in-class tools and support to function as effectively as Class 1 railroad [railroads that earn the highest revenue in the US] terminals."

IPRO Core is said to provide “a novel” solution for replacing outdated systems or upgrading from paper-based processes.

“As a simplified, standardised version of our premium solution and supporting integration with our broader product suite, IPRO Core meets terminal operators’ need for a scalable, long-lasting software platform that evolves alongside their growth plans,” the company continued.

“Unlike other TOS applications, IPRO Core lowers the barrier to entry for terminal operators interested in unifying terminal operations. High costs and lengthy implementation timelines often prevent these terminals from leveraging the industry’s most impactful technologies.

“But IPRO Core streamlines terminal operating system functionalities to the essentials, avoiding unnecessary or wasted investment while providing opportunities to scale the platform as needed flexibly. And throughout the deployment, our team will leverage Tideworks’ extensive experience to guide terminal operators through configuration, ongoing management, and their future consideration of new software products and capabilities.”

Tideworks added that all customers receive the same software updates, due to having cloud deployments and standardised products.

“Terminal operators won’t need to schedule or budget for custom coding adjustments or yearly maintenance reviews to ensure their system and integrations remain fully functional following every change,” the company said.

The full IPRO suite and Traffic Control system is said to give terminal operators control over their operations and equipment, “replacing guesswork with optimised move prioritisation and path creation, reducing rehandles, and increasing overall efficiency,” and making planning “faster, more accurate, and instantly trackable”.

Tideworks is a TOS provider that delivers marine and intermodal solutions to terminals of all sizes around the world.

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