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24 September 2012

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Having worked as a construction journalist for much of the past decade I have learnt that engineers are among the most open and enthusiastic emissaries for their industry.

In my opinion, particularly within the lifting equipment industry this is down to a genuine passion for the work, the satisfaction of getting it right first time, or when less fortunate, the determination to address difficult issues head on.

Since I have joined World Market Intelligence, originally working across Cranes Today, Hoist and OCH Magazines, the degree to which people at all levels of the industry have been welcoming and keen to inform on the issues of the day has never failed to impress. And through that enthusiasm, we here at Hoist start to get some measure of an industry constantly reacting to challenges.

My predecessor Will North spoke last month about the difficulties of working in an industry where even the big fish are constantly pressured on one side by volatile material supply pricing, and on the other vocal and occasionally dismissive manufacturing giants and other end-users.

But many engineers' dedication to doing the job well and safely while keeping it cost-effective, regardless of this pressure is more than admirable.

Over the coming months I will be looking to ensure that through Hoist Magazine the issues that are foremost in your minds are all over our pages.

As with all new editors looking to stamp their imprimatur on a title, there will be a few modest changes.

The first thing you will notice is the minor aesthetic changes to the magazine such as the new colour scheme, some new layouts, and broader coverage in our news section.

While keeping up on current industry affairs is vital, our website should be the first port of call for timely editorial. We will also be rejuvenating our Twitter, Facebook and Linked In accounts to make accessing the news and public comment on the news quick and easy.

We will also look to re-establish our editorial advisory board, drawing on the counsel of those who have lived, loved and breathed cranes for longer than they care to remember in the interests of a truly authoritative magazine.

Though Will North may now be dedicating his full attention to Cranes Today, he will still be close at hand, so for anything you think we need to know that may also cross over into the domain of the mobile crane, he can be reached at [email protected].

I however, am looking forward to meeting with you over the coming months.

Kevin Walsh Editor
[email protected]

Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh