Planning ahead to ensure success for 2019

10 December 2018

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As we approach the turn of the year, it’s a necessity for any business to be planing ahead for 2019—and it’s no different for a trade magazine such as Hoist.

Looking forward, I mentioned in my comment last month that here at Hoist we had compiled our list of features that we plan to include in each monthly issue next year. You’ll be able to find this list, as part of our media pack, on our website. You can find it at—or you’re very welcome to contact me, or one of our team, to request a copy.

If any of the features seem particularly relevant to your business—whether that be in terms of your region, the end use sectors you supply, or the technology your company produces—then I’d be happy to hear from you ahead of the planned date for the article, so we can discuss covering your company’s developments.

As a general rule, we need to hear from you at least two months prior to the month of the issue. So, for example, if you supply equipment to the nuclear power sector, if you’re either based in Africa or if you supply to an African market, or if you manufacturer or distribute chain hoists—all topics that we plan to cover in our May issue—then you should get in touch with us by the beginning of March at the latest.

There are a number of ways in which you can keep us updated with your company’s news. Press releases are one way, but we’re aware that not every company has the resources to put these together— so bear in mind that a quick email or phone call can get the ball rolling, as from that start-point we can arrange a conversation to discuss your news indepth, and we can write up an article from there.

It’s also worth reiterating that, unlike some publications, we don’t charge a fee for including editorial—Hoist is fully editorially independent, so if there’s interesting news, we’ll make sure it receives coverage in the magazine. High-quality photos are also helpful in illustrating articles, so we always welcome those.

Take a look through the features list and see when there’s a suitable opportunity for you to talk about what your company does—and then drop me a line. We’ve also planned some of the travel we’ll be undertaking next year, starting with Logimat in Stuttgart in February, and then heading over the Atlantic to visit Promat in Chicago in April.

I was very impressed with Logimat when I attended the 2018 event at the start of this year—there were a large number of companies in our sector exhibiting, and plenty of interesting technology on show.

Promat is also a must for our industry, I attended the last event in 2017—the show alternates with Modex, which took place in Atlanta earlier this year— and I’m anticipating that next year’s event will be another excellent way to catch up with the latest news from the US sector.