The company say the VA Series mobile directional control valves are designed to meet future demands within a range of challenging mobile machinery industries, such as forestry, construction, mining and material handling.

The VA Series is based on Parker’s existing high-end L90LS and K220LS valves. The company says “the next-generation pre-compensated load-sensing valves feature increased modularity… and have been designed to reduce space claim and enhance mounting possibilities, while also optimising channels to minimise flow losses”.

They have a maximum flow to workport of up to 450l/min and come with features such as on-board electronics and readiness for Industry 4.0. They also incorporate the latest hydraulic features – proportional counter pressure with active refill, for example ­– plus several other performance-enhancing improvements.

The VA300 is the first valve of the new series to be released. The next valve in the series, the VA450, is set to be launched at the start of 2023.

Parker says it does have some port customers that manufacture spreaders for large overhead cranes for containers, although admits that, otherwise, the use cases for this type of product with overhead cranes are limited.

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