Oz Lifting Products supplies davit crane for boat refurbishment

6 July 2022

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Troy Zerveskes has invested in a steel davit crane from OZ Lifting Products to refurbish a 30ft Luhrs Express Fishing Boat, which is now docked in Newington, New Hampshire.

Made in the USA, steel davit cranes from OZ Lifting Products have 360-degree rotation, four different boom height adjustments, and are available in multiple weight ratings from 500 lbs. to 2,500 lbs. They have an ROHS-compliant, zinc-plated finish and AC or DC winch options. The winch with brake includes a power drill adapter.

Davit cranes are typically more portable, versatile, and cost-effective than jib cranes. OZ Lifting Products manufactures steel and composite davit cranes for a wide range of industries and applications, including marine, oil and gas, and aviation, as well as construction, logistics, and transportation.

“I wanted to have both a life raft and a dinghy onboard for additional safety as well as to explore some of the amazing islands we have,” said Zerveskes. “The steel crane from OZ Lifting Products was the most cost-effective option based on the budget we had.

“I use the davit to lift the dinghy onto the hardtop of my boat and it has worked really well so far. It allows me to have the additional safety and function that I need at a reasonable expense.”

Zerveskes procured his steel davit crane through an authorized OZ dealer. It was ordered with a pedestal base, mounted with heavy duty bolts, but is also commonly used with a wall and socket mount, depending on the application.

“The crane easily goes in and out of the base,” said Zerveskes. “Size and portability made the davit crane my preferred option. In the summer, I use it every week.”

Richard Miller, sales manager at OZ Lifting Products, said: “Our composite range of cranes might be more typically associated with the nautical and marine sectors, where they are often used to lift small sailing craft, jet skis, PWCs [personal watercrafts], etc., but this application serves as a good example of how diverse our steel davit cranes can be.”

OZ Lifting Products manufactures a wide range of hoists, winches, and davit cranes, as well as fall protection equipment, plus beam trolleys and clamps. Its products have provided safe lifting solutions in demanding applications for over 15 years, meeting or exceeding ASME, ANSI, OSHA, and other recognized standards.