Üntel’s cables to support onshore Wind Energy sector

1 December 2021

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With the growth of renewables to meet net-zero climate goals, energy companies have been transitioning to new energy markets from traditional oil, gas, and coal.

This transition has pushed the technology and manufacturing sectors to provide solutions to support further growth markets as demand increases.

Many cable manufacturers already have significant and historical footholds within many existing offshore and onshore oil and gas, midstream, downstream processing, coal power projects, and support the mining sector.  

They will have been a big part of many well-established renewable energy projects. Subsequently, these manufacturers have an extensive range of cables to support the requirements and growing demands of the renewable energy sectors.

Üntel is no stranger to changing markets, delivering high-quality cables to many existing offshore and onshore energy projects, and focusing on the design of new cable products with its Research and Development team. 

Üntel has over 15,000 cable products in its portfolio. Many of these cables are suitable for onshore wind energy demands, such as varying extreme temperatures, high winds, vibration, heavy flexing, high-torsional stress, electromagnetic interference, and hydraulic oil within the Wind Turbine.  

The main components of a Wind Turbine are the Steel Tower; Nacelle, which contains the electrical and mechanical components; Hub, which holds the three rotor blades; Main Shaft, which transmits the motion from the hub to the gearbox; Multistage Gearbox; and a generator to produce the electricity.  

Cables used within the Nacelle are for transmission of low voltage power, data transmission, control of components, and signals from sensors. The cables used in the Steel Tower are power and data low voltage cables for transmitting power to the transformer and data for monitoring. Then, medium voltage cables connect the transformer to the distribution point to the array.

MV Power Cables Üntel’s cable products are highly respected and widely used within a broad range of energy industry sectors, thanks to half a century of experience and international recognition from over 200 reputable organisations. Üntel continues developing and improving new products to welcome new, emerging energy markets.