As an essential tool for marketing its products, the company has redesigned its website, with well-defined product categories, information on customized products and the different services of LIFTEUROP.

“Our website had not been restructured since 2013. Business expertise, reliability, but also fluidity and simplicity were the key words when developing this new website,” said Christophe Losange, director, LIFTEUROP.

“This new version has a more modern look, which is minimalistic, while remaining extremely detailed. Each user, whatever his profile, can easily find information on any product of the range.”

LIFTEUROP is distributor of the brand STAS, an international reference in the production and distribution of lifting accessories for aeronautics, automotive industry, naval, steel industry, the army, etc. for more than 65 years.

“We hope that this new website, available in French, English and German, will give the company the means to remain so for many years to come,” added Pauline Piron, marketing coordinator LIFTEUROP.