The 5m-long generator was transported to the generator building on a flatbed trailer. Resting on header beams, it was raised off the trailer using four SCJ-50 cube jacks and lowered onto static load holders (see pictures). The cube jacks were then repositioned on 0.5m-high static load holders to complete the lift to 2.35m, allowing the generator to be skidded into its final resting position.

Denby Transport director of special projects, George Elliott, said that due to their small footprint, the company’s new SCJ-50 cube jacks are ideal for confined spaces. “They’re also easy to use, provide a stable lift and allow two-man lifts where previously we’d have needed three or four people using conventional jacks, which would have taken a lot longer.”

An Enerpac SCJ-50 Cube Jack can lift 50 tons up to a height of 2m. It uses a base lifting frame and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks to provide high-capacity and stabilised lifting. The incremental system mechanically locks the load as each cribbing block is manually added or removed, instead of being held by hydraulic pressure. Once the mechanical lock engages, the lift cylinder retracts, and another cribbing block can be added or removed.

Denby Transport said that replacing traditional wooden cribbing with the cube jacks allowed a quicker and safer generator installation.

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