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10 December 2013

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Commercial wind farms around the world all face the same challenges when it comes to ensuring they remain operational and efficient.

From a 50m tall 450kW turbine on a hillside in Denmark to the new generation of 100m tall 6MW offshore towers being tested in China and Europe, all of them must be maintained, inspected and if necessary repaired in order to ensure they remain efficient and deliver the energy required throughout their design life. In this issue, industry expert Bernadette Ballantyne discovers the essential level of service and maintenance required from manufacturers and suppliers in this growing field.

Elsewhere, radio remote control products are arguably one of the unsung heroes of the material handling world. Even the slightest upgrade to technology in this sector can result in a significant improvement when it comes to an enduser's operational productivity. We look at some of the latest developments in arena. Driven by huge infrastructure in industrial, commercial and residential construction projects being implemented in Asia, the global cranes, lifting and handling equipment market is estimated to record a compound annual growth rate of 6.54% over the next few years.

Recent research revealed that in 2011, the global cranes, lifting and handling equipment market was valued US$109.5 billion. In this issue, we focus on the opportunities available to manufacturers and suppliers operating in this region as well as looking at the sectors they antcipate growth in.

In addition to our preview of next year's Modex 2014 exhibition in the US, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that LiftEx 2013 takes place on the 14-15th of this month at the USN Arena in Bolton.

The event is set to be the biggest yet and with more exhibitors and content than ever before, this year is the perfect time to pay a visit the to the UK's leading lifting exhibition.

Space has long since sold out, this year's event is set to be the biggest yet. the two-day event builds on a successful showing last year in Coventry that itself was 55% larger than the 2011 exhibition with a 25% increase in visitors through the door.

I'm personally looking forward to discovering some of the latest product developments and services that are being showcased at the Innovation Theatre and encourage you to do the same.

I also hope to get the chance to introduce myself during the event, but if you want to organise an interview or to catch up, simply contact me on the details to your left. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your issue.

Tim Sheahan, Deputy Editor

Tim Sheahan Deputy editor