Embracing the changing landscape

13 February 2014

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Eastern Europe has long represented an exciting opportunity for companies operating in the material-handling sector. As we discuss in this issue, it’s a region that encompasses a diverse number of cultures, laws, and languages but agreeing on a definitive list of countries that make up this part of the world is often open to debate.

In reality, there can be no broad-brush approach to the business performance of crane and hoist equipment manufacturers and suppliers across such a large landmass, but industrial construction is integral to the economy in these countries and as a result, material handling firms have a key role to play in this chequered European landscape.

Industrial construction is a key contributor to the construction economy across Eastern Europe. Power plant development, automobile manufacturing and pharmaceutical production all represent key opportunities for firms operating in this burgeoning field.

This month we also place the spotlight on the changing, but essential, role that material handling companies are playing in the entertainment industry.

They fulfill a variety of different, essential functions while new legislation, advancing technology, and developing safety standards help ensure that this exciting sector is ever-changing.

Many firms are well established in this space but even these companies need to reinvent themselves to adhere to stringent new guidelines, safety standards and legislation. We look at how developments in this space represent an attractive proposition for end users in this field.

In addition to previewing next month's Modex 2014 event in Atlanta, Georgia, we also take a final look at the recent successful LiftEx exhibition in the UK. Kenny Wright, business development manager for Servtech, was elected chairman of LEEA during the event, which will be co-located with the Safety & Health Expo in London this year.

"LEEA has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years, both in terms of membership and the range of training and accreditation services it provides," according to Wright. "It is a huge privilege to serve as chairman, and my priority is to support the work of the board and employees of LEEA as they implement our future development plans and further enhance the association's worldwide reputation."

We wish him, and the LEEA, the best of luck in 2014 and beyond. Until next time, enjoy the issue and I hope to see you at Modex this March in Atlanta.

Tim Sheahan, Deputy Editor