CM Labs to launch Vortex MasterCab, Port Equipment Simulator

8 June 2022

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CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, has announced the launch of the Vortex MasterCab, a full-immersion training simulator,that develops spatial intelligence, muscle memory, and operational skills. It allows port terminals to safely and effectively assess and train operators, or to prepare ports personnel for new equipment and processes.

The Vortex MasterCab is CM Labs’ largest off-the-shelf simulator to date. Its 10 high-definition displays provide operational sightlines, so the operator has a full field of view. It is driven by simulation of operating conditions, such as machine response, cables, and twistlock behavior. 

With professional-grade seating, controls, and pedals, as well as high-fidelity motion and audio, the Vortex MasterCab reproduces the sensory cues experienced by operators on the real equipment. This enables a far more fluid transition from training to real operations.  

“As terminals expand their fleets or their facilities, they’re increasingly leveraging simulation as a means of ensuring maximum readiness,” said David Clark, senior product marketing manager, CM Labs. “With a full-immersion solution, port terminals experience more effective training and skills development, and ultimately a faster return on their investment.” 

The Vortex MasterCab provides training that is available 24/7. It runs a complete catalogue of quayside and yardside equipment training packs (STS, MHC, SPC, ITV, RTG, ECH, Reach Stacker, Straddle Carrier, Forklift), as well as custom simulations.  

Thanks to real-time training data, instructors can monitor, assess, and report on all sessions from the Instructor Station provided with the solution.  

CM Labs will be exhibiting at TOC Europe, where it will be showcasing a number of simulation-based solutions designed to help port terminals obtain faster return on investment on their initiatives, including a Remote Operating Station simulator for STS operations as well as the Vortex Advantage, a compact 5-display motion simulator.