Chant Engineering launches the Sidewinder Series

4 May 2022

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Chant Engineering has launched the Sidewinder Series, a line of shaftless take-up and pay-out reeling machines.

The products are rim drive machines, which rotate the reels by the edges of the reel via a polyurethane coated rotation drum, which is operator friendly, safe, and easy to use.

The machines feature an industry-first, fully guarded and easily accessible collapsible coiler for operator safety. When using the collapsible coiler, the operator opens two front access doors and reels the product on the coiler which is guarded on both sides, top and bottom. “This new machine with the fully guarded collapsible coiler is a game changer in the industry. Chant is always at the forefront of machine design and we are driven to ensure operator safety for everything we make. We know this machine will reduce accidents, making it safer for the workforce and thus benefiting each customer overall," said  Phil Chant, president. Chant Engineering.

When finished, the side door is opened, and the coil is easily removed. The standard plug-in style collapsible coiler comes with the machine; two sizes are available.

The reeling machines are offered in three sizes with a capacity range of 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 pounds.

The SW5000 has a reel capacity ranging from 16” – 84” dia. x 54” wide. The middle size, SW10000 has a reel capacity ranging from 16” – 108” dia. x 60” wide. The next size up, SW15000 has a reel capacity ranging from 16” – 120” dia. x 72” wide.

Plans are in the works to have a 20,000 lbs. reel weight model. The reel RPM at the maximum flange diameter is RPM is 20 to 14; smaller flange diameters rotate faster.

The speed is operator controlled and variable from the foot pedal. The drivetrain and coiler are enclosed inside the machine for safety and are all foot pedal operated.

The dynamic braking of the drive reduces reel overspin and there is a pneumatic and manual unloading cylinder that raises the reel for easy unloading.

The dimensions of these heavy-duty machines are 93” wide, 95” long, and 52” tall, with a total weight of 2,700 lbs.