The two companies celebrated the news online recently with BVS President Önder Bülbüloglu, and Rhys Goldsworthy, CEO, Nobles based in South Australia.

Managers from the BVS Ankara Factory, BVS Istanbul regional office and Nobles Western Australia Office said the partnership is a significant event and a major milestone in both Noble’s 110 and BVS’ 37 year histories to develop the cranes business together in Australia.

“We found Nobles as a result of our market research in Australia. We immediately found that the two companies mutually benefit one another and have similar business plans following initial talks across all managerial levels,” said Önder Topuz, sales and marketing manager, BVS Cranes.

“We believe Australia has great potential for a serious leading European manufacturer like BVS Cranes, which can secure excellent quality, and is honourable to its word for on-time delivery and be competitive with Australian and world brands technically and commercially.

“We have started selling a wide variety of cranes from standard cranes to more sophisticated ones to all sectors starting from the mining and manufacturing industries and started to expand to other sectors. We ended up with an exclusive distribution agreement in early 2022.

“We believe Nobles’ technical experience and expertise, existing market share in their product and service range and proven reputation are important assets to penetrate into the market and will further develop our business together.”