For three days next May managers from across the crane industry will gather together by the waterways of the beautiful Dutch city of Amsterdam to attend the European debut of the World Class Crane Management Seminar.

The Netherlands is home to some of the world’s major players in the industry: to the massive Europort Container Terminal, to the innovative Ceres Paragon Terminal, to Mammoet, a world leader in heavy lifting, and to some of the biggest players in crane trading such as van Adrighem, Hovago, Sindorf and Verschoor. Whether it is dockside, construction or industrial cranes, it seems that the Dutch are always at the leading edge.

The World Class Crane Management Seminar has already been held six times in the USA in recent years, organised by Crane Partner International but – thanks to the backing of Cranes Today and its sister publication Hoist – this is the first time that it is coming to Europe.

The aim of the conference is to help create world class competitiveness across the crane industry. Improving productivity and performance in people and equipment is the target. The call for papers has gone out to more than 20,000 crane industry professionals worldwide. Subjects covered will include crane technology, management, materials, finance and procurement, as well as case studies of innovative projects.

Further programme details will be published in next month’s issue. In the meantime, if you are interested in attending the World Class Crane Management Seminar – Amsterdam 2002, or in presenting a paper, or in taking advantage of commercial opportunities, complete the form on this page.