About 140km off the Norwegian coast, the wind farm is being constructed with 11 floating wind turbines, generating 88MW of electricity to power five offshore oil platforms at Snorre and Gullfaks.

Breman Machinery has performed specialised machining on the bottom sections of the masts of the wind turbines, which will be levelled and provided with bolt holes to attach them to the floating foundation.

They were transported from a production site in Bilbao via Rotterdam to Breman Machinery in Genemuiden in the Netherlands. They measure 10m in height and 8.40m diameter, and weigh 180 tons each.

Levelling the bottom of the masts and drilling the bolt holes is a precision job of the highest order. And it has to be extremely precise: down to plus or minus two-tenths of a millimetre.

Wagenborg Nedlift was brought in to execute the transport and lifting activities onsite in Genemuiden. This involved unloading the bottom sections from the barge using mobile cranes and transporting them to the construction hall.

For unloading the giant sections, the lifting specialists deployed, among others, a Liebherr 700-ton capacity crane, the LTM 1650-8.1. Transport was carried out using Scheuerle intercombi modular axle lines.

After processing, the bottom sections returned to Bilbao via the same route.

The logistical operation was carried out several times to process all 11 bottom sections in Genemuiden.

Meanwhile, the installation of the offshore floating wind turbines is in full swing with a number of them already operational. The complete Hywind Tampen wind farm is expected to be commissioned during 2023.