The sling protection product line includes LiftGuard Magnetic Edge Protectors from DICA, CornerMax Cut-Resistant Sleeves, and three types of wear pads – sewn sleeves, quick sleeves, and tubular sleeves – that are all made from either nylon webbing or Cordura fabric. Each of these products are available in different sizes and lengths suitable for specific lifting needs.

“We look forward to expanding sales opportunities for U.S. Cargo Control and providing critical sling protection for the company’s customers,” said Kerry Koberg, strategic accounts manager,  DICA.

Sling protection is an essential part for any lifting setup. These products are used along with the sling to protect it from damages like cuts or abrasions, as well as protecting the load from the sling itself.

Different protection products have different strengths and uses, and when used together, they help increase the longevity of the lifting sling and protect anyone within the surrounding area. Without sling protection, there is potential for issues like dropped loads, on-site injury, or loss of life if the lifting sling is in a situation where it can be cut or damaged.

“[Sling] protection is critical in preventing sling failure and is a requirement in current sling safety regulations,” said Koberg on the LiftGuard Magnetic Edge Protectors and sling protection as a whole.

These products add to the extensive Rigging Supplies product category that includes items such as lifting slings, lifting chain, load monitoring cells, and other rigging hardware.